Welcome back to the blog!


Can you hear me?

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(….and the tribute to Adele on this blog ends …as it should )
It has has been a long time, eons it feels like, since the blog was up, and then gone.
And now to re-surface again.
There was a reason, or two, or three, for the hermit state that we were in, we promise you, but more than this, we promise you that this time we are back for longer and back for good.
DocSays is a medical blog, so many of the things you will read here have to do with health and living well, but we promise not to bore you with simply eating your five-a-day, and avoiding meat….(that one hurt us as much as it hurts you, believe that)
But, we will generally show you how to avoid illness, and make it to old age with as little aches and pains as possible, all things willing.
Our team of medical professionals will also come on here to give their own spin and take on medical news and happenings around the world, so check in daily to see what they might have for you on the daily.
So log in daily, or at least often.
We are excited to be back, and hope that you are too!
As always, live life in
Your best health, the best you!



Adele appears courtesy of elle.com